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1) Danaei N, Panahi Kokhdan E, Manzouri L, Nikseresht M. The Effect of Avastin and Hydroalcohlic Extract of Matricaria chamomilla on Cell Viability and Nitric Oxide (NO) Production in HT-29; a Human Colorectal Cancer Cell Line. Armaghane-danesh, Yasuj University of Medical Sciences Journal (YUMSJ),2016;20(12):1107-1118.
2) Sarrafzadegan N, Rabiei K, Alavi M, Kelishadi R, Manzouri L, Abedi H, Fereydoun-Mohaseli Kh , Azaripour-Masooleh H, Roohafza H, Heidari Gh. Policy makers’ viewpoints on implementation of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in Iran: A qualitative investigation of program facilitators. ARYA Atheroscler 2016; Volume 12; Issue 2:1-6.
3) Manzouri L, Nematollahi SH, Aghdak P, Arbab P, Mansouri A.Indicators of healthy reproduction program in Isfahan province in 2012. Armaghane-danesh, Yasuj University of Medical Sciences Journal (YUMSJ), 2015; 20 (1): 78-88.
4) Dashtpeima AR, Moshfe AA, Manzouri L, Arefkhah N, Shahryari S, Mohseni M, Abbasi M, Noushadian J. The Effect(s) of Matricaria chamomilla on Leishmania major Ulcers in Balb/c Mice. Armaghane-danesh 2015; 20 (2): 127-137.
5) Shahriari S, Ghatee MA, Haghdoost AK, Taabody Z, Khajeh Kazemi R, Parisae Z, Moshfe AA, Rabbani SMR, Manzouri L , Kanannejad Z. Demographic and Epidemiological Study of Brucellosis in the Kohgilooye and Boyerahmad Province, 2009 -2013. Armaghane-danesh 2015; 20 (2): 149-160.
6) Nizal Sarrafzadegan, Katayoun Rabiei, Khadijeh Fereydoun Mohaseli, Leila Manzouri, Hamidreza Roohafza, Roya Kelishadi, Heidarali Abedi, Hasan Azaripour Masooleh, Mousa Alavi, Gholamreza Heidari. Do Iranian tobacco growers support the World Health Organization framework convention on tobacco control? Journal of Education and Health Promotion 2014;3:1-5.
7) Leila Manzouri, Rasoul Salehi, Shervin Shariatpanahi, Parisa rezaie. Prevalence of human papilloma virus among women with breast cancer since 2005-2009 in Isfahan. Advanced Biomedical Research Journal 2013;2(3):1-5.
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10) Manzouri, L., Z. Farajzadegan, and A.R. Zamani, Continuation Rates and Reasons for Discontinuing Tcu380A IUD Use in Isfahan, Iran. Journal of Family and Reproductive Health 2011; 5(1): 25-29.
11) Manzouri L,Aghdak P,Nematolahi Sh, Mansouri A, Aghababaian A,Dehghannasiri S. Complications, failure rate, and satisfaction of No-scalpel vasectomy in Isfahan health centers . Journal of Isfahan Medical School 2011;29(135):1-9.
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